So, now you know your body shape let's build your new wardrobe!!

The key to a successful wardrobe is to have your cornerstone of staples, a few core pieces that work with everything.

The place to start, as the song says, is at the beginning...

Think of your body as a Dressmakers Mannequin


Then start by building a good foundation for your clothes...


Underwear is often neglected and ignored but its plays a vital role in creating structure for your foundation.


So, lets burn that ill-fitting Bra and discard the grey tatty Knickers and lets go Shopping!!

underwear, underwear for your shape, the right bra for your size

Lift & Support:         

Get good lift to create a defined waist area and ensure good support for the Bust.


Shapewear can provide that all important smoothness and support to the midriff and also creates shape.


Bodysuits help to provide the lift and support needed and are also great for controlling the tummy area whilst also looking good. 

Shapewear is a girl's best friend

It Smooths out the tummy and hips

Creates lift to all the right places and

Flattens out the bits you want to hide.

Shapewear, spanx, control pants, support pants, support underwear

Bodysuits are excellent for creating shape.

They provide support and lift and smooth out any lumps and bumps.


support underwear, shapewear, spanx, bodysuit
clothes that work for you, clothes for your body shape

It's all about highlighting and enhancing your best bits!

Drawing the eye away from your problem areas.

Minimising the stomach area and elongating the overall body length.

The top, shirt for your body shape, blouse for your body shape, the right top for your body shape, the right top for an apple shapped body

Wrap tops in soft flowing material give shape without clinging to your tummy.

Go for a v-neck shape to draw the eye up and avoid tucking in tops.


Keep colours solid and patterns simple and avoid loose clothing as it only reinforces your shape. 

wrap top, best top for an apple shaped body, tops that suit apple shaped body
skirt for an apple shaped body, skirt, a-line skirt

A-Line skirt works best.


Avoid pleats and gathers at the waist.


Go for lengths that finish at or above

the knee to draw attention to your best bits.


a dress for an apple shaped body, best dress to suit an apple shaped body, empire line dress


Drop waist or Empire line work wonders to enhance your shape.


These skim the waist and flatter your figure.


Avoid clingy material.

drop waist dress, dress for an apple shaped body


Again, go for a v-neck shape

and a shorter skirt 

to flatter your shape.


empire line dress, v-neck dress, dress for an apple shapped body
jeans, jeans for an apple shaped body, denim
trousers, trousers for an apple shaped body

Go for a low rise waist 

with a slight flare

this will balance out the body.

trousers for an apple shaped body, low rise, low rise trousers, boot cut trousers
jeans for an apple shaped body, low rise jeans, boot cut jeans


Jeans with a boot cut again will balance out the body.

Go for Jeans with a lighter shade on the thighs as this will add shape to the legs.

So with those basics in mind you can now put together your capsule wardrobe... 

capsule wardrobe for an apple shaped body, capsule wardrobe, apple shaped body, clothes that suit an apple shaped body

Don't forget to have fun with accessories which are always good for adding variety and colour to your basic wardrobe...Now get shopping and Enjoy!!!