With GirlieGuide’s guidance you will no longer have to avoid that shopping trip or dread that special occasion.

You will no longer need to hide behind that baggy jumper, or squeeze into that ten year old dress.

So throw away those 1980’s stone washed jeans and donate THAT dress you will never wear.

This is your first step to releasing your inner Goddess and letting her shine.
And with GirlieGuide to guide you, there will be no looking back.

Firstly have a look below and choose a shape that best describes your body, then click to be styled...it is that simple!! 

Pear Shaped or Triangle

  • Bottom Heavy
  • Long or Slender Neck
  • Sloping or Narrow Shoulders
  • Small to Medium Bust
  • Defined Waist
  • Curvy Hips and Backside
  • Full Thighs
Pear Shaped, triangle


  • Proportional

  • Bust Shoulders & Hips balance each other out

  • Narrower Defined Waist

  • Curvy & Even
Hourglass, hourglass figure, curves


  • Straight up and down

  • Boyish with few curves

  • Small/Medium Bust

  • Undefined Waist


boyish figure, linear, rectangle, boyish body shape, linear body shape

Top Heavy/Inverted Triangle

  • Larger Bust

  • Narrow Hips

  • Slimmer Legs


top heavy body shape, top heavy, large breasts, large bust

Apple/Oval/Diamond Shape

  • Full Bust

  • Wider Waist with no definition

  • Narrow Hips

  • Weight distributed through midriff
Apple shaped body, apple shape, oval shaped, full bust

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